Where’s the Steel?

Do you ever wonder where they get steel from? I know what the official story is, about mining, ore and factories, but I just find it a bit suspicious. Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing a lot of Space Zone, the old video game, but its plot got me wondering if there’s more to the metal industry. You see, in the game, they have an interesting way of getting metal. It’s set in space, obviously, and you have to build an army of space crafts by collecting scrap metal from the surface of the moon, or other planets in the solar system. You don’t simply look up metal suppliers for Melbourne building projects, then place an order.

Now, I’m not saying that all of Earth’s metal actually comes from the moon or other celestial bodies, but I don’t see why it’s not possible. I think we should at least be open-minded about the whole thing. After all, the creators of Space Zone claim that the game is historically and scientifically accurate. That means there must at least be some ore on the moon that we could scavenge.

I know they won’t tell me the truth, but I’ve got to go in and see a steel fabricator near Melbourne tomorrow, so maybe I’ll ask them about it. We’re building a giant metal robot at work, and it’s my job to pick up some steel beams. Now, if you think that my theory about metal is crazy, you should listen to Joey at work. He thinks that steel beams are somehow involved in a conspiracy with the Russian mob. Talk about crazy!

I’m going to play some more Space Zone now and try to get more evidence toward my own theory. I’ll give an update soon!

Update: So… it turns out that the game doesn’t say it’s scientifically and historically accurate. Instead, it says it’s not scientifically and historically accurate. I guess that blows a big hole in my theory. I suppose they do really get steel from the mines. My bad!