Ogenki desuka? [お元気ですか?]

That’s how you ask someone, in Japanese, how they are. If you wanted to say you were fine, in a casual way?


But the word ‘genki’ goes far beyond just answering that one question. By itself, ‘genki’ means ‘energetic’ or ‘enthusiastic’, and that’s us, when it comes to anime!

This is not a site for people with an unhealthy obsession with Japanese culture, nor is it a place for posting links to the latest fan-subbed Shonen. Genki is a place for genuine appreciation of anime as an art form, somewhere people can gather to discuss the classic films, the studios that produce quality animation and the beloved series that have shown us over the years that animation isn’t just for kids.

Make no mistake: anime is pure art in motion. It’s not to be worshipped (there are a LOT of bad anime out there), but we want to introduce people to the wonderful potential it can have to tell all kinds of amazing stories, making you laugh, cry and really think.

This is Genki, the web’s premium place for serious, measured, yet enthusiastic anime appreciation. 

Irasshaimase! [いらっしゃいませ]

(that means ‘welcome’)