The Rules

Genki was founded with fruitful discussion in mind, which is why we enforce these rules in our forum quite stringently:

  1. Discussion of anime series and films ONLY. We now have a game forum for anime-inspired games, such as the Purrsona series.
  2. Please only use Japanese when your discussion directly relates to the words used in a series. Japan has a beautiful language, and we don’t want to see it abused.
  3. Subs and dubs both have advantages and disadvantages – and that’s the end of that discussion. Any abuse over a person’s choice of language will result in an instant ban.
  4. Similarly, we’re here to celebrate all anime, from Oscar-winning films to 500+ episode Shonen. No matter someone’s preference, be kind with your discussion.
  5. All posts need a tag. If you’re not sure what category your post falls into, you can use the ‘MISCELLANEOUS DISCUSSION’ tag.
  6. Respect the mods! We’re trying to create a safe and welcoming space.
  7. Latest film and episode discussions will be placed into their own megathread, to prevent the forum being flooded with posts. After a set time, you can make individual posts again.
  8. We welcome critique, but language is to be kept respectful. No ranting or personal attacks on creators or studios.
  9. Please read the ‘how-to’ thread before creating a post. It helps keep everything in order!
  10. Love anime, always…but don’t become obsessed. It’s one great art form created by one country, with so many others across the world to explore and appreciate.