Who Are We?

Genki was founded by a small group of friends who thought it was time for a change.

Online discussion of anime is a tough scene, especially for beginners. So many forums dissolve into total chaos as people fight over sub vs dub, Shonen vs Seinen, and the worst thing of all: a strange obsession with Japan that often either borders or crosses the line into unhealthy.

We figured it was time to bring things back to basics, which is why we founded Genki. We want people to be enthusiastic and passionate about anime, but to also take a step back and realise that it’s a varied and multi-faceted field, and opposing opinions are okay. Genki welcomes subs, dubs, anime for all ages and series from all eras of anime history. Our discussion policies are fairly rigid and always enforced, so everyone can enjoy the forums without fear of having their opinions trashed.

Genki is a space for everyone to simply enjoy anime, without taking things too far.