Our Founders

Patricia – The original ‘genki girl’, Patricia was shown old anime movies from the 1970s when she was young, and that was the start of her passion for animation in film. Since then, she’s completed a film studies course with her final dissertation written on the subject of Animation for Adults: A Cultural Taboo

Patricia the absolute expert on anime films, past and present, with the 1999 classic Our Friends the Tanakas being her absolute favourite. However, she does have a soft spot for the original series of Pretty Car Dealer Sailor Hoon (but not the revival…yet).

Dan – From humble beginnings watching a variety of poorly-dubbed 90s anime before school, Dan has expanded his repertoire to more ‘adult’ series. Nowadays he’s reluctant to take on anything with more than thirteen episodes, but remains open-minded to serious recommendations.

Dan currently hosts his own anime podcast, Dango Discussion with Dan, where he reviews everything from current films to old episodes of Yard-Raptor Baklava, along with a number of other insightful segments.

Layla – Layla’s passion for anime was almost lost during her first foray into internet forums, due to the aggressive and off-putting discussions over subs and dubs, as well as the rampant overuse of ‘desu desu’. Fortunately, in 2013, Layla was dragged along to a boutique theatre showing of The Air Falls by her friend Patricia, and her faith in the art form was restored.

Nowadays, she’s adamant that Spirit Ed Away is the greatest film ever produced, and enjoys harshly critiquing people on the internet who pepper their posts with Japanese words that they don’t understand. She’s also the proud owner of a ginger cat, named Mera-Neko.