Ducted Cooling Everywhere

It’s been a hot summer in the capital of Australia. One of the hottest I can remember, actually. It’s quite possible that this burning landscape is going to become unbearable very quickly. That is unless we come up with a solution to our temperature woes. I think I have just the idea. It’s ambitious, to say the least, but it could work. Only the brilliant mind of a scientist like me could come up with something this incredible. I think we need to work together, with the government, to establish a territory-wide system for the air conditioning installations Canberra homes urgently need.

Before you laugh the idea off, let me explain a little bit about myself. I grew up watching television and playing video games, and all the time I saw these evil scientists, mad scientists and all-around crazy inventors portrayed in the media. As a kid I would think, “Well surely not all ambitious scientists are evil or mad, right?” I made it my life’s goal to become one of these not-mad scientists. I had to go to the Supervillain Training Academy because the Superhero Training Academy had few courses in science, but I didn’t let my education turn me into a villain. I’m far from it. I’m just a scientist who likes to push the boundaries through experimentation.

Anyway, I think this plan of mine could really work. If we used an advanced ducted cooling system and made sure that technicians capable of air conditioning services near Canberra were on board with it, we could make this a reality. We might even be able to make it a seasonal thing, with ducted heating throughout all of Canberra as well. Wouldn’t that be nice? You could be walking through the city on a rainy day during winter, only to walk near a heating vent and feel so much better. Now I’ve just got to draw up my final schematics and present this idea to the Prime Minister. He’s sure to love it.

– Tom Gerald, Good Scientist Extraordinaire.