My First Home

Today has been pretty stressful, I have to admit. I didn’t think moving into my first home would take such a toll, but it really hasn’t been the walk in the park I expected. I thought it would be as simple as expressing interest, making an offer and moving in. It’s laughable how wrong I was. There’s so much to consider, so many little things you would never think of until you actually go through the process. At least we’re at the end of it now. Tomorrow I’ll be able to move into the first home I’ve ever owned. Even though I’m exhausted, it’s so exciting!

Although it’s been stressful, it has gone quickly. We went house hunting, put in a few offers, sorted out conveyancing, and settlement is here already! Now we can plan out what we’re going to do with the house, including what colour we’re going to paint all the walls. Yeah, the house is a bit old and could use some work, but I’m excited to get into it. When we are done it will really feel like our house, rather than a house that we’re renting out. After fifteen years of renting it’s kind of hard to shake that feeling.

It feels like just yesterday that my wife and I walked into the conveyancing firm. Richmond, a friend of ours, had recommended it. Now I’m planning out what my man cave is going to look like. I think I’ll get a plasma tv to watch the football and play video games, along with a big table for my Goblins and Grottos sessions. The group is going to be so excited about it. Finally, we’re going to have a space for our wild adventures, undisturbed by the kids running around.

I should probably help Milly pack the rest of the kitchen. You might not hear from me for a few weeks, because we’re going to be busy moving in, but I’ll be back. I’ll have the entire move to write about next time.

– Tom