Silent Car Repair

As the recently-elected mayor of this town, it’s my personal responsibility to drive around town and make sure the regular people are doing well. It’s one of my favourite parts of the job. It means I spend a lot of time in my vehicle though and need regular car servicing. But it is definitely worth it, just to connect with the common people. 

I drive past mothers taking their children for a walk, or their dogs. I see plumbers and other tradies, going about their everyday work. I ask if there’s anything I can help with. The answer is usually no, but I do what I can. There have been a few people that actually requested I get out of my car to physically help them, but I just get my assistant to do it. The mayor can’t actually associate with the lower class citizens. What if somebody took a photo of me?

Because I take my car there so often, I have a great deal with a car service shop in Midland. If I were allowed to speak to the commoners when out of my car, I feel I would be connecting well with them while I get my car repaired. But alas, I am legally required to sit at the mechanic and speak to no one. It can be a bit lonely if I’m being honest. One time, this man came up to me and asked what my favourite television show was, and I couldn’t respond! It was quite awkward, and I hoped the brakes repair would be quickly done so that I could leave.

Most people probably think I’m being rude, but I’m actually trying to set a good example by following the law. I wish I could tell the mechanics, the ushers at the theatre, the people in the supermarket, that I want to speak with them. I’ve considered getting my assistant to give the message, but I worry it would just come across as insincere. I guess I’ll just have to learn to live with this lonely responsibility.