Red Designs

I think my boss might be a bit odd. And not just a very modern guy or anything, but a full-on, real oddity. Maybe he’s the descendant of a foreign leader or something, or he could have been born in Cuba, perhaps. Ever since he came to this company, he’s been introducing certain policies. I thought it was a bit weird that everyone supposedly got paid the exact same amount of money, and yet somehow he could always afford a shiny new car. I shrugged it off, but now that he’s involving me in the office design planning, I’m getting a bit suspicious.

“Ah, yes comrade,” he said as I went into the first meeting. “Red. Everything will be red. Red windows. Red paper. Red carpet. Red, red, red. With a big hammer and a big sickle hanging from the ceiling, no? Do you know an office interior design company near Melbourne that can do this?”

“Are you sure?” I asked. “That might be a bit overwhelming. Have you considered something a little less… odd? Perhaps some blue, or even green, just to mix it up? If you make everything red, it might stress people out. And do you have any thoughts on the office fitout? Melbourne has a certain style. Red isn’t really that popular at the moment.”

“You misunderstand me, friend. No blue. No Green. Just red. Lots of red. Red is a strong colour, the colour of love. The love of the worker, toiling for company profit, and but a pittance of it himself. We will not be like the others. Just red.”

I’ve started digging into this guy’s past, but haven’t found anything damning yet. I have nothing against those kind of people, but my boss is intense. I’m perfectly happy with how things are in Australia. I have no desire to join the any local Party, which I’m sure my boss will change the company name to any day now. No thank you.