Regular Car Repairs

So I’ve lived in Queanbeyan for six months now and I’ve settled in nicely. I’ve gotten into a good routine living with friends, and we really have become a family like I thought we would. I see my actual family twice a week. Every Sunday I go over and just hang out for the day and I go over once during the working week for dinner too. It’s a good thing we’ve got going on.

I’ve also chosen an expert mechanic in the Queanbeyan area who I’ve been to twice now. Obviously, that’s not ideal because it means there’s stuff going wrong with my car, but he’s been really good and I’m glad that I was forced to make the decision to find a new mechanic, rather than stick with my old one. 

I guess my car has been struggling with the drive between my new house and my family home. It is quite a long drive and my inner-city car probably wasn’t built for the rugged terrain that I have to drive on. It’s caused all sorts of problems and has meant that I’ve needed damaged car repairs in the Queanbeyan area on more than one occasion. Luckily I did a pretty good job at befriending the mechanic and he’s been giving me discounts where he can. 

Settling into my new life has been an adjustment. I still miss my family even though I see them twice a week, but I feel like things are going really well. Aside from the fact that I’ve had to get all these car repairs done, I’m quite happy with my new life.

My housemates and I have spoken about getting a dog, which will make me feel even more at home. I miss my dog. 

Well, I’m going to sign off now. I think it’s time that I stop talking about my feelings about moving out and talking about how I’ve adjusted to living without my family. Bye.