First Logbook Service

I’m really hungry and it’s almost lunchtime. I’m going out with my friends on my lunch break, which I think is making me even more hungry. I think I’m hungry to socialise and I’m hungry to eat. The anticipation has got me on the edge of my seat.

Something that’s really awesome though, is that when I start my lunch break, I’ll be able to go straight to the cafe. I recently bought a car and got its first logbook service! In the Lockleys area, you’re not allowed to drive a car if it’s not in the best condition possible. So, I made sure it was in top shape. So now instead of having to waste part of my lunch break walking to the cafe, and then having to leave early so that I could also get back to my desk in time, I can just drive there! How awesome is that!

It’s my first time ever owning a car and I don’t know how I survived without one before this. Everyone always told me how much more freedom I’ll have once I finally buy one, and I believed them obviously, but this is even better than I expected. Being able to just go off on my own and do whatever I want is such a luxury.

I was even talking about this with the mechanic at my local auto repair shop in Lockleys and he wholeheartedly agreed. He was maybe five years older than me and so he really related to what I was saying. But I’m getting sidetracked. I’ve been daydreaming for the past hour because I just really want to eat, but that’s not helping me get my work done at all. I should probably stop thinking about my mechanic and food and actually get some work done. 

I think I’ll be more productive after lunch. If not, it’s going to be a very long day and I don’t think my boss will be very happy with me.