Software Change

After four and a half gruelling years of being an electrical apprentice, I have finally got my A Grade! That means I am qualified to do electrical work all over the world and I can start my own business. I’m pretty stoked, I won’t lie. Getting my A Grade certificate was a tough process, I can say that without a doubt.

Being an apprentice is even worse when your bosses are disorganised and don’t really care about what happens to you. They would turn up to the job site and tell every apprentice to meet them there, only to tell some of us to go to the factory to buy supplies once we arrived. The number of times I had to go to a job only to turn around and go back was ridiculous. The fact that they were so disorganised also meant that I had to wake up earlier to find out what I was doing for the day, which was a complete waste of time and disrupted my sleep. 

Now that I’m an A-Grade electrician and have been given way more responsibilities at work, I’m going to talk to my bosses about using a professional job management software for electricians. I don’t want the apprentices to have to go through all the stuff I’ve been through for the last four years. I know how badly these blokes need their sleep, so if I can help my bosses get more organised so that the apprentices don’t have to pick up supplies unnecessarily or do anything unnecessarily for that matter, I’m going to do it. 

I wonder which is the best trade job management software. In the Melbourne CBD, there are plenty of companies that specialise in this sort of stuff, but I need to present the very best one to my bosses. They’re not going to spend any money unless I can convince them it’s worth it, I know that for a fact.