People and Places

My friends and I got a bit sick of Goblins and Grottos, so we’re trying a new roleplaying game. This one is called People and Places, and it’s basically a real-life simulator. There’s a similar video game called Alternate Life, but I like this RPG more because you have complete freedom. My character is a fishing enthusiast who has spent the last ten years mastering his fishing skills. In real life, I’m afraid of the ocean, so I could never become a professional fisherman, even though it’s a big dream of mine. Instead, I’m living that dream through my People and Places character! 

Our party has a quest at the moment: find the best marine stainless steel fabrication business Melbourne has to offer. We’ve been to a wide variety of welders, but haven’t had any luck yet. Hopefully we can get this quest done soon because in-game it’s almost the end of the financial year, which means our in-game tax reports are due. I know that sounds boring, but it’s actually really exciting. If I don’t file my taxes correctly, the World Master (my friend Joey) will have the police come around and arrest my character, with a maximum penalty of ten years in prison for tax fraud! So I really have to get it right. Forget fighting dragons and armies of orcs, this is where the fun really is.

I’ve got my personal quest, as well, which is to acquire a bait board, but I see that more as a long-term goal. Bait boards don’t just fall out of the sky. If I get my hands on one by the end of the campaign I’ll be pretty happy. I know that in real life you can just buy one, but Joey wants to make it a bit harder. In order to get a bait board, I have to catch one of every fish type (done by rolling specific numbers on a one-thousand sided die), then trade them in at a local fish emporium for the bait board. Maybe one day I’ll get it done!