Custom Timber Crib

My sister is having her first baby in six months, which means I’m going to be an uncle! I’m so excited. I never want kids of my own, but I’m more than happy to give her children all the love and affection that I have in me. The beauty of it is, I can be a good brother and babysit my little niece or nephew, and then give the child back afterwards! It’s fantastic. All the fun and very little responsibility – that’s how I like it.

To say congratulations to my sister and brother-in-law, I’m going to build the child a crib. I’m a builder so there’s no worries about it not being up to regulation standards or anything, and I think it would be a really sentimental and functional gift to give to my future niece or nephew. The child will have something from me from the very start. I’ve made sure to collect the highest quality timber building supplies. Cheltenham has a couple of hardware stores that I frequent, and so I know what materials are most appropriate to build a child’s crib out of, and I know the correct value of all the materials. Clearly, being a builder comes with many advantages.  

I’m going to start making the crib as soon as I can, so that my sister can put it in her child’s room and have the entire space ready to go before the baby arrives. The crib will be so well made and beautiful looking that it will be the centrepiece of the room. If I have time, I’ll also make them a matching change table. I’m going to be the best uncle. 

It helps that I really enjoy visiting the hardware supply store. Bentleigh, where I live, is quite central to all the best stores, and I like to visit each of them from time to time. It’s always just a bit of fun. When my little niece or nephew is old enough, I’ll take the child to the hardware store so that they can understand the magic too. I’m very much looking forward to it.