I Can Drive!

I’m the first child in my family to get their license or buy a car! I’m the third child and I have two older brothers and one younger sister. My parents never encouraged us to get our licenses. They said that it would be too hard for them to get all four kid’s hours up, so they just didn’t try. 

I was determined not to let my parents’ apathy ruin my freedom and so I got a part-time after school job to save up for driving lessons. I had finally finished my 120 hours, just shy of my twenty-first birthday. Ironically, I didn’t even need hours to go for my license after the age of twenty-one, but I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished even if it took me three years longer than the average person. 

So now that I have my license, I’ve been looking for second-hand cars to buy. My parents won’t let me borrow their car and so I’m going to have to buy a really old car that needs heaps of car repairs. Adelaide has quite a few really high quality mechanics so I’m sure I’ll be able to shop around and find a good price on some of the repairs.

I’m hoping once I’ve got my car my siblings will be inspired to get their licenses too. My older twin brothers are both twenty-five years old and my younger sister is nineteen, so they can all legally drive. I guess it’s just really hard for them to have no support from our parents. Everyone else’s parents are excited about teaching their kids to drive and be a part of a massive milestone in their lives, but instead, we have to do everything ourselves. I’ll never have my parents support, especially when doing things like getting the necessary car log book servicing or anything like that. But it is what it is – at least I’ve got my license now! I can’t believe it. I’m so happy and proud that I’ve achieved all of this on my own.