Car Warp, Grape

It’s probably fine, but there’s a possum the size of a small truck outside my window and he’s trying to sell me a cravat made from natural plants. 

Oh, he’s gone! That’s just what happens even when you’re taking drugs that have been prescribed by a doctor, then purchased at a pharmacy. They have side effects, and some of those side effects include hallucinations. Most of the time, they haven’t been especially frightening, although it’s actually a little bit intimidating getting the hard sell from a giant possum with a passion for natural products. 

I’ve been told not to drive, but I had to break that rule when I had an appointment with a mechanic. Open in Seaford? In the middle of the day?? That seemed impossible before I drove there, but that was when the medicine was freshly taken. I also marvelled at how our Prime Minister did his job without the eight limbs possessed by every other Prime Minister, and I wondered at why cats and dogs can’t simply sign a peace treaty and arrange a royal wedding to bring their two races together. 

Most of the effects wore off while I was driving, but I was still surprised to see that the mechanic was open in the middle of the day. It seemed more logical to me that they’d do their work at night, because of cars being solar powered; they move too fast to catch them in the daytime, so mechanics must stalk around at night with large nets, capturing them while they slumber and doing air con regas things. I don’t think that now, but at the time that seemed very normal and logical to me.

One log book service later, I’d driven home as a satisfied customer…somehow. I was at the mechanic’s workshop one moment, and then Atlantis rose from the ocean and offered me a lift home using its warp repulsor engines, and next thing I knew I was on the sofa, eating grapes. Thanks, Atlantis! And thanks to the local car suspension specialists, Seaford motorists are safer than ever. I’m sure they did a good job, even if I haven’t risked driving again yet.

You know, maybe I should be avoiding natural products right now. Sorry, possum.