Building Competition Progress

Well, I have to admit that this wasn’t quite what we were expecting out of this building competition. Buckle up, readers, because things have taken an unexpected turn. This is Frank Penny, here with Thomas Winkle, reporting on the latest in My Building Rules. Tell everybody about what has happened this morning, Tom.

Shockingly, each of the three contestants has decided to make their buildings out of completely different materials. One building is being made out of bricks, another is created from sticks, and the last will be made of straw. And let me tell you, the builders of these houses aren’t who you’d expect.

Now, this isn’t as radical a concept as people might think at first. Each of these materials has been used to create houses throughout history. Just because our Eurocentric viewpoint leads us to believe that houses can only be made from stone or bricks, this isn’t the case. Many cultures have made straw huts or shelters out of sticks throughout the ages, with some continuing to do so today. So, this isn’t a completely radical concept.

The strange thing is, though, that George Darling, one of the best new home builders on the Mornington Peninsula, has elected to build his house out of sticks. Inexperienced Wesley North is building a house out of the expected—and provided—bricks, while apprentice Jack Lancaster builds his out of straw.

We spoke to George about his choice, and this was what he had to say: “While I definitely could make a house out of bricks for this competition, I do not think it would be a wise decision, given the annual upkeep of such a house. Our budget is only so large. A house made out of sticks, however, will have a much lower annual home maintenance cost.”

When we pointed out that annual home maintenance costs did not factor into the deciding winner, George only had this to say: “Oh.”

We’ll be back with the final result later today. Until then, you have been reading My Building Rules with Frank and Tom.