Data Cabling Technician

I’ve been given the difficult task of writing about internet problems and how to fix them. For the people who actually understand this stuff that might not seem too difficult, but for me, it’s like trying to learn to swim in a swamp filled with crocodiles. Okay, that wasn’t the best analogy but I’m sure you kind of have an idea about what I’m saying. Essentially, it’s a very difficult task and I don’t know what to write about or say. Can you tell?  

If you read my blog post closely, I haven’t really spoken about the fundamentals of what a data cabling technician in the Melbourne CBD actually does. Like, how am I supposed to know? I could guess and say that they put cables into people’s homes and businesses to install the internet, but that doesn’t seem to be anything world-changing. I assume that most people would expect that that’s what data cabling people do. Are they like electricians? 

I hope when my boss reads this he doesn’t think that I’ve done a bad job on this project. I want to do a good job, I really do. However, it’s just quite an effort to go above and beyond. Like personally, I don’t care what these people do. As long as I have working internet and the most recent professional Foxtel relocation that I got was a success, then who cares? Hey! I just mentioned one of the services of a data cabling technician. Look at me go. Maybe this blog post does have some substance after all. Are you proud of my blog now, boss?

Maybe I’ll just spend the rest of this blog post talking about things related to internet problems. I probably should have done that from the start, but I wasn’t inspired then like I am now. So, if you want your internet repaired, enhanced, or you want to get a phone line installed, you should talk to a local cable company.