Really Fast Repairs

After months of careful practice, Julia passed her driving test last week with flying colours. As a congratulatory gift, her parents gifted her a car – blue, shiny, compact, but most of all, affordable. It was a second-hand car, as Julia’s parents didn’t think it wise to give a new luxury model to a teenager. But Julia didn’t mind. Excited by the prospect of freedom, she jumped straight into her driver’s seat and buckled up her seatbelt of independence. However, barely ten minutes into her joy ride, things started going south. Her brakes had become difficult to press, her engine was making a strange noise, and she was quickly losing control of the car.

 To keep herself safe, Julia decided to seek out someone who had experience with automotive issues, and so immediately changed course for a mechanic store in Moorabbin. Because she was a student and had very little money to waste, Julia was initially worried about the rate of the repair. It turned out her fears were completely unfounded. The workers at the shop were professional and offered friendly service that made her feel at ease with the situation. 

After a round of testing and inspections, the source of Julia’s woes was determined to be the car suspension. Specialists in this area, the staff reassured her that this would be an inexpensive and simple fix, and led her to the lounge area to wait for repairs to be completed.

While all this was happening, Julia called her parents to explain why she hadn’t returned home yet. Both parents immediately offered to drive to pick her up, but Julia declined. She had received a small taste of independence and was not willing to give it up soon. She knew she could do this. After a wait which was so short it was almost convenient, the qualified mechanics gave Julia’s car back. Now she knows who to turn to if her car needs maintenance work in the future!