Beach House Windows

I am so fortunate to have just bought a property right near the beach. I’ve always lived a decent drive away from the water, but now I own a home that has the beach at my front door. I want to get the renovations done as soon as possible so that I can move in and start my new beach lifestyle right away. 

I’m really excited because today is the day for the sliding window replacement of every window at the front of my home facing the beach. In summer I’ll have the windows wide open, letting the fresh sea breeze into my home and keeping my family and I cool. When I imagine living by the beach, I imagine sliding my windows open in the morning to check the waves before I go for a swim every day. I’m about to live out my dream and I am over the moon. I’ll open my windows regardless of the weather. It’ll be a tradition. 

For the windows at the back of the house, each will get a timber window replacement installed. Melbourne beach houses often have a similar style, and I’m aiming to restore the classic look the house had before it became rundown after years of wear-and-tear.

As for the renovations on the rest of the house, I’ll be knocking down a couple of walls to create an open plan living area, and restoring the roof to its former glory. I estimate that this whole process will take around three months, and after that I can move to the beach and begin the life that I’ve always wanted.

If you’re looking for me in three months time, you’ll be able to find me in the water or sitting next to a sliding window reading a book. My life is going to be truly fantastic. My kids are going to learn to surf in our front yard and our dogs will always be walked. I’m about to live the dream.