Driving Alternatives

Hey Jarrod,

Awesome to hear from you friend! I’m happy that there’s another person in the area that doesn’t want to drive. We should start some sort of walking club. I think we’d both be surprised at the number of people that actually feel the same as we do but haven’t done anything about it. We both know how hard it is to speak up when things go against the norm, but by speaking up we start to change the story. It’s honestly all on us to get these things started. 

I agree with you about selling your car instead of getting general servicing or whatever else you need when the time comes. If you don’t want to have a car, then mate, don’t have one. Make some money and give yourself some financial freedom. You deserve not to worry about whether or not you can pay your rent each week. And on top of increasing the lining in your hip pocket, you’ll also be helping to save the planet. I know that isn’t your main priority, but you’d still be doing it even without trying! It’d be awesome and a much better effort than most people in our town are making.

In terms of what I did with my car when I got rid of it – I didn’t sell to just anybody. I got it serviced at a mechanic near Raceview and then put it online to sell. I actually sold it to a family friend, which obviously goes against what I stand for because I don’t want people to feel like they have to buy a car or drive, for that matter, but my family friend really wanted the car and so I sold it to her. What I’ve learned is that converting people to the public transport, no-car lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. But yeah, I recommend that you don’t sell your car to the mechanic because I don’t think that’s a part of their services. You could get a car safety certificate from the mechanic if you wanted to sell it to a second hand buyer, though.  

– Michael