Broken Air Conditioning

I live with three boys, my husband and my two teenage sons. I swear, they are the most warm blooded people on the planet. It could be fifteen degrees in the middle of Autumn or the start of Spring and they’ve got the air conditioning on. It’s not hot in the slightest but for some reason they just really feel the heat. I, on the other hand, am a naturally cold person. So you can imagine how cold I am when they turn the aircon on in autumn. 

We’re coming into summer now in Sydney, and you wouldn’t believe it, but our air conditioning has broken. I’m stoked about it because ideally, I wouldn’t turn the aircon on for another couple of months, but the boys in my house are in an uproar. They are demanding that we get air conditioning unit repairs. Sydney businesses that do that sort of thing may or may not be booked out at this time of year, but I’m just happy that the air conditioning isn’t working. The boys can figure this one out themselves if it’s so urgent. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the fact that I don’t have to sit under five blankets at a time to keep warm for once.

As I expected, my sons and husband left it to me to organise getting a repairman in to fix our aircon. It took them a week to realise that I hadn’t done anything about it yet, and when they asked me, I told them that this was their responsibility to organise. It was another two weeks after that when they finally booked in an air conditioning service. Sydney was getting hotter by the day at this point, and I would often find my husband and sons lying outside at night to keep cool. It’s beyond me how they feel the heat so intensely, but I am truly enjoying it.