Who Has Time?

You know those days when your to-do list is completely out of control? Like, you tick one thing off and two more new additions crop up in its place, like some kind of administrative hydra? That’s what I’ve been experiencing all week. I don’t even know where it’s all coming from – it’s as though the various channels of my work, social life and home maintenance have all sprung parallel leaks, creating an explosive influx of stuff that needs to get done.

Enough with the metaphors, though. Who has time for that? My focus must stay on the basics, which means sleep, some semblance of an exercise routine, and food. The latter is possibly the most important, yet also the most complex to achieve because it means factoring in time for sourcing and preparing, as well as eating. That requires some degree of bandwidth for logistical planning and decision making, unlike going to bed at the same time every night and taking a daily power walk around the block.

If I was pursuing weight loss, prepared meals might be an appealing option – I’ve heard there’s some companies out there now doing perfectly palatable, portion-controlled diet meal deliveries. In saying that, it seems like there must be companies that do something similar for people who aren’t necessarily looking to lose weight, but have simply allowed their to-do lists to become overrun.

Obviously, you can buy relatively healthy, prepackaged meals from supermarkets. But going and getting them is almost as much work as buying a few ingredients and cooking yourself something. What I’m after is something freshly made, nutritious and full of energy, made to order and dropped off at my door, ideally by a smiling pink bear with a rainbow on its tummy.

That’d make my day a whole lot easier to manage. Extra points if said smiling bear would come inside and call my accountant, do the vacuuming, repair the back deck, send a birthday card to my cousin and attend parent-teacher night, as well as do my job for me. That’d be swell.