Wedding Car Breakdown

I’m the owner of a wedding car company in Melbourne. Having successfully run this business for over twenty years, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience some of the happiest moments of hundreds of people’s lives. I think in twenty years, I can count on one hand the amount of times anything has gone wrong. Unfortunately, yesterday was one of those times. 

It was an absolute nightmare. I was three hours away from picking up the bride to take her to her wedding destination, when I did the final checks of my car. Everything is always completed before the final checks, but we make sure to do them one last time beforehand so that nothing goes wrong when we are picking up the customer. Well, something went wrong this time and the wedding car wouldn’t start. I was in panic stations. All our other cars were out on jobs, so this was the company’s only option.

I instantly called for a mechanic near me. I had very little time to think about what to do, and told the mechanic that whatever needed to be done, do. The mechanic was very aware that we had approximately two hours left before we were to pick up the bride, and I could tell by the look on his face that he was feeling the pressure. I was feeling the pressure too. It wasn’t a good situation for either of us.

Thankfully, the man was good at his job and got everything done in time. He literally saved me yesterday and because of that from now on I will be going to him for every future car service near Northcote. It’s crazy how much of a difference having someone that cares makes. I couldn’t have picked up the bride without him and they wouldn’t have got married without me. I hope their marriage is problem free from here on in, and that my business is problem free too.