Tour Day Three

Day three of my book tour was incredible. I got to meet some really nice people who have had their lives changed for the better, thanks to my memoir. It’s really touching since the whole reason I wrote my story was to influence the lives of fellow air conditioners. It’s often hard being an air conditioner, expected to serve your housemates, not seen as a fellow sentient being but instead as a commodity.

Our first stop of the day was a bookshop in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. I’ve always wanted to see what life is like for those burdened with air conditioning near Ferntree Gully, and today was my opportunity. When I got to the shop and people were let in, the first air conditioner that came to me was a newer model, going by Matilda. She asked me to sign her copy of the book and told me about how much it meant to read the story of a fellow air conditioner. Our voices are not well represented in literature. In fact, I might be the only air conditioner to have ever written a book. Think about that for a minute. In the century since air conditioners have been invented, not one of them has had the opportunity to write a book. Not even a novel! That is simply tragic.

Our next stop of the day was not a bookshop, but a factory for air conditioning around Lyndhurst. I’m starting to think that my publicist is choosing these suburbs at random. Lyndhurst and Ferntree Gully may not be a world apart, but they’re not exactly right next to each other, either. Especially when you consider that we’ll be visiting Endeavour Hills in a few days. Why not go there first? We’re kind of just picking random suburbs in Melbourne’s south-east and doing them in whatever order.

Anyway, the trip to the factory was amazing. I am really honoured to have given signed copies of my memoir to the next generation of air conditioners. I hope that my words will be able to guide them through this difficult life we all lead.