Saved by the Plumber

Don’t get me wrong, having children is a blessing. I love my kids endlessly and will do anything for them. They’re fantastic, but wow do they drive me up the wall. How many times must I tell them not to draw on the furniture, not to sit on the dog or not to flush things down the toilet! It’s infuriating! Having three kids under the age of six is absolute chaos, and I don’t think I’ll ever feel sane again. I have a plumber on speed dial these days and everything of value in my home is covered in plastic so the kids can’t ruin it.

Thinking about my life ten years ago, I never thought I’d be on first name basis with the drain plumber who comes to my house at least once a month because another child has flushed another toy down the toilet. It’s funny where life takes you, isn’t it. Last week, when the plumber visited for the second time this month, we got to chatting. Most of the time we talk about the mischief the kids have gotten up to, but this time we spoke about him. I found out that before he arrived at my house, he was doing something for another customer called a Boundary Trap Replacement. Melbourne plumbers are extremely busy people by the sound of it, and his life sounds even more exhausting than mine. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t think that was possible, but wow, I couldn’t do what he does day in, day out. The man works twelve hour days and is doing hard physical labour. It’s very impressive.

Chatting to him today was nice. I’ll be sure to ask him about his life more often. It’s really easy to be caught up in your own little world when you have so much going on, but I’m going to try and be more aware next time I get saved by the plumber.