Just Makes Sense

I truly don’t understand why anyone would choose to drive any vehicle other than a ute. And when I say ute, I mean a big ol’ dirty machine, not one of these petite versions designed for city slickers who plan to occasionally drive on a dirt road. Sure, they guzzle petrol like nobody’s business, and I don’t really have an answer to that. I’ve got my fingers crossed that there’s an electric solution on the way, or that someone figures out how to turn poisonous ocean sludge into diesel.

Long story short, utes rule. I’m not saying this in an ‘country bloke who goes to ute musters’ type of way, not is any trace of obnoxious attitude intended. I just want to make this clear, because you’re probably forming an image in your head of who I am. I live on an organic bean farm, my background is in soil science, and on weekends I sell beans and water kefir at the markets and work on my homebrew rig. I wear glasses and play the drums. And, yes, I really, really like utes.

There’s no feeling like finally tracking down the perfect ute tray toolbox. Near Melbourne, there are few fabricators that do a really good job on custom models, but sometimes you don’t know what it is you want until you see it. You can get ultra nerdy about it – say, with tapered under-tray tool boxes and models with lights built into them, and so on and so forth. For me, it’s all about easy access, while I’m out working on the farm. Security isn’t such a big deal as I’m usually on own property, but for a tradie or someone who’s always on the move and parked on public streets, that might be something to consider.

Toolboxes are just one of those things: they’re not going to make or break anything at the end of the day, but there’s something incredibly satisfying about having the right one. It’s an ‘everything has a place’ kind of feeling – your stuff just fits, and life makes that little bit more sense.