Dog Tattoo!!

I got a dog! I love her! I rescued her from a shelter in Brisbane just under six months ago and we have been the best of friends ever since. It took her a few weeks to warm up to me, which is completely understandable seeing as she lived in the shelter for over a year before I adopted her. But about three weeks into living together when she moved off her bed in the corner onto the couch, I knew that the barriers had been broken and we were going to be the best of friends. I was right, and she doesn’t even use her bed anymore. She sits comfortably in my lap as if it’s the best place in the world. 

To celebrate our six months of friendship, I want to chat with a realism tattoo artist near Brisbane who can tattoo a picture of my dog onto me. I just love her so much! I want the tattoo to be on my wrist and no bigger than a fifty-cent piece. It will take quite a bit of skill for the tattoo artist to design a tattoo that is super realistic whilst also being small, but I trust that whoever I choose will be up to the job.  

I obviously have thousands of photos of my dog on my phone and I’ve narrowed it down to fifty for the tattoo artist to choose from. I’m happy to be guided by her on which angles she thinks will work better – she is an expert tattooist in the Brisbane CBD after all. 

I’ll update you all once I’ve gotten the tattoo. I’ll obviously vlog the whole process and make it a timelapse so that you guys can see what it’s like to get a tattoo, but I’ll also write about my reactions and everything to give you guys an even better idea.

Keep in touch darlings! Kisses x