Angry Service Reminder

Someone left a rude letter on my car overnight. I’m angry. The letter writer had the audacity to say that I needed to get my car serviced. I got my car serviced last week… I got a brake service to be exact. Is it just because my car is old? That’s discrimination against the age of my car. 

I wish I had a dashcam so that I could see who put the letter on my car. I want to write back and tell them to mind their own business, but I don’t know who I’d write to. Maybe I’ll just put a big note on the back of my car that says “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS – MY CAR IS SERVICED”. That might make me look like a weird person to literally everyone else in the world who couldn’t care less about whether or not my car has been serviced. I don’t want to embarrass myself for something that I haven’t even done wrong.

I’m so angry. I’m going to go for a walk to clear my head and hopefully come back fresh in about an hour before I start my day. 

Oh my goodness! I must be one of the first people in my neighbourhood awake today because there are these letters on almost every second car. Did this person have some sort of mental breakdown? I’m going to do my neighbours a favour and remove the letters from their cars. Whoever did this is just a rude and selfish person, and other people in my suburb shouldn’t have to be subjected to this kind of bullying. 

I swear heaps of the car’s this person has put the letters on look like they’ve been serviced by a mechanic near Morayfield within the last few months. This person is just bullying others for the sake of bullying, and it’s embarrassing. I hope someone saw who did it so I can get them banned from the neighbourhood.