An Electrifying Opportunity

Lightning crackled from the tips of my fingers as I hung in the air above the city I loved, gazing down at the relentless parade of lights and sounds, honking and braking, the cacophony of the uninspired masses–          ‘Hey, are you Lightning Boy?’          I turned around in the air, looking for who’d shouted …

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Solar Go-Go

It takes more energy than you might think to produce 50 floor-length gowns covered in gold beads sewn on by hand. Okay, sure, it actually sounds like quite a lot of energy, when I put it like that. But even so, there’s more to it than you’re probably picturing, and I’m not just talking about …

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Public Disturbance

“Get your energy storage advice here! Commercial energy storage! The best Melbourne has to offer on page thirteen!” I turned to my friend, sitting in the adjacent seat. Couldn’t we just watch a game of basketball in peace? “Troy, why do you have to pretend to be a 1920s newspaper salesman all the time?” “Extra! …

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