Small House Renovations

Rebecca’s stubbornness was becoming increasingly frustrating for Remy. Every other rat whose bathroom he had renovated had eventually appreciated his work, once they saw the true beauty of the transformation. It sometimes took time for them to embrace the change, but they all ended up liking it. However, Remy faced a unique challenge with Rebecca – he had no idea where she lived, and she adamantly refused to disclose her address to prevent him from meddling with her home. In Remy’s eyes, this was an unwise decision; most rats would have been grateful for the opportunity to benefit from his expertise as a skilled bathroom renovator to improve their interior design.

Determined to tackle this conundrum, Remy devised a plan to trail Rebecca home secretly and execute the renovation while she was asleep. His intention was to surprise her with the changes, leaving nothing but a note on her kitchen counter to inform her of his handiwork. The challenge, however, was locating Rebecca, who had taken measures to avoid him after their conversation. Her evasiveness proved endlessly frustrating for Remy, as he inquired at the shops she frequented, only to find no trace of her. Even her friends were tight-lipped about her whereabouts, resisting Remy’s efforts to extract information – a rare setback for the usually influential rat king.

Finally, Remy spotted her coming out of one of the most renowned laundry renovations and design stores in Melbourne, providing vindication. It was evident that she desired a house makeover, but just not one undertaken by Remy. He was determined to prove his prowess in interior design to her. That very night, he took drastic action and boarded up the laundry store with wood and nails, ensuring that Rebecca could never shop there again. A note on the window informed customers of the situation and suggested they seek renovation work from him instead. 

Returning to his own home, Remy set to work, sketching new designs for Rebecca’s bathroom, driven by the determination to demonstrate his talent and persuade her of the value of his expertise. The unfolding events promised an interesting turn of events in their ongoing tale of interior design rivalry.