Renovations At Home

I’m doing major renovations to my home. We just got our bathroom redone which is fantastic, and it’s inspired us to make home improvements elsewhere in our house. We’re trying to do all these renovations on a budget. It’s not super tight but we don’t want to spend unnecessary money if we don’t have to. That’s what living smartly means!

To give the rooms in our house a new lease on life and a bit of character, my husband and I have decided to decorate the walls of our home with unicorn wallpaper. In the Melbourne CBD, you don’t often see big feature walls of just unicorn wallpaper, especially not in the main living rooms of the home – but my husband and I have agreed that we want to do something a little different. We’ve been living in this home for over five years now and we haven’t made any alterations to it as of yet (excluding the bathroom that we just got done), and I’m excited for our renovation journey to really commence.

I’m glad my husband and I agreed on the unicorn wallpaper. It was actually the topic of discussion for us for a while, because he really liked the look of the quality dinosaur wallpaper too. I agreed with him that it was really cool and after some very important deliberation between the two of us, we agreed that unicorns aren’t so different to dinosaurs. That’s why we were able to come to an agreement. 

I’m very excited to see our renovations come to life! We’ve got a lot to do after the wallpaper is installed, like getting a brand new heating and cooling system installed. All of this stuff is going to take us a while and we understand that. We’re happy for these things to take time because we know that it’s worth it in the long run. We’re very excited for everything to be complete.