About Being Rich

Being rich is awesome. I can buy whatever I want, whenever I want it. Obviously, there are a couple of downsides, like taxes, but for the most part it’s pretty great. I recently purchased a mansion in Queensland and am enjoying all the benefits that come with owning a mansion in Queensland. One of those benefits is that I have a lot of garage space that I can now fill with the dozens of cars I also own.

I took my car, my most prized possession, to a mechanic last week and he said I would need something called a diesel tuning. Now, I specifically bought this car because it runs on diesel and I know that’s something I can use to brag about. I personally don’t know anything about cars, but I like pretending that I do to all of my friends, and since they don’t know anything about cars either, they really can’t tell the difference. All I have to do is copy some of the lingo that the mechanic uses, and read a couple of social media posts about cars here and there to stay up-to-date. I guess that’s one of the downsides of being rich.

Everybody expects you to be knowledgeable about rich-people things, and I honestly couldn’t care less. That’s why I always just take my car to the best mechanics Toowoomba has to offer and let them do whatever they need to do. They’re affordable, which isn’t something I have to worry about since I’m rich, but they are also experts in their field and very efficient. I don’t even have to wait for very long at all whenever I bring my car into their shop. They use only the best replacement parts and do everything within the manufacturer’s warranty. I’m just so glad I have mechanics as great as these guys so close to my brand new mansion.