Secret Interior Designer

I’m an undercover interior designer. By day, I’m an engineer in a large engineering firm, and by night, I design some of the most important parts of peoples homes, the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Now, because of the legal agreement I signed at the engineering firm, I am not allowed to practice interior design whilst I work for the firm. This is because our firm has its own set of interior designers, and I would be working in competition with them. But they can’t stop me collating and creating new designs so that I’m ready to use them in the future, so that’s what I do in my spare time.

I’m currently working on a fantastic kitchen design. Melbourne kitchens are full of inspiration, so it’s easy for me to design something using the best features of other designs. It’s like I’m an academic building off the findings of another academic, it is completely allowed and considered innovative. This kitchen is genuinely spectacular, with high class appliances at every turn, a grand marble bench and a 2×2 metre walk-in pantry. Whoever the lucky purchaser of this design is, will be a very satisfied customer.

Despite currently holding the best possible kitchen design in the southern hemisphere, my favourite work ever was for a custom bathroom design. I loved every millimetre of it, to the point where I couldn’t even give the design to the client, I kept it for myself and remodelled my bathroom in its entirety the following month. This may sound like a selfish move, but I can assure you that my customer absolutely adored the bathroom I designed for her, and still recommends me to her friends. If only I was allowed to create masterpieces for them too.

Despite making more money as an engineer than I ever made as an interior designer, I know in my heart that I will go back to interior design one day. When I worked as an interior designer, I was proud of the work I was doing. I look forward to that feeling again.