Giggle in Danger

Oh, poor Giggle McWiggle. I’ve had to lead him in a direction I never anticipated, and now one of the giant ants has betrayed him, leaving him tied up in a field of blue gingers and bay trees. This is one of the downsides of being such a good writer, having to follow the story no matter where it takes you. The sixth book in the Giggle McWiggle Chronicles: Giggle McWiggle and the Great Glass Balustrade, is not going where I expected it to. Giggle was just supposed to learn the ancient art of glass repair from the giant ants, then return to Hirule. Instead, he’s been pulled into a subplot of ant cultists and sacrifices! My outline says nothing about this, but I’ll just have to go with it.

I’m not sure how Giggle McWiggle is supposed to get out of this one, especially since he has a crippling fear of flowers and is currently immobile. But come on, Giggle has already beaten Garth the Twenty-Seventh five times. He can’t be defeated by a blue ginger or even seven hundred of them. There has to be a way to write him out of this. Maybe the old ant nurse he met in chapter three can come to save him. What if she’s got psychic powers that allow her to know Giggle is in danger? Otherwise, there’s that ant bar wench, who Giggle thought had really nice antlers. Maybe she’s been following him. But it doesn’t seem right for someone else to get him out of this one.

I’ve got it! Giggle can use his telepathy to pull a bay tree closer. Then he’ll use its branches to cut the rope binding his wrists. From there, all Giggle has to do is use his elite tracking skills to find the ant cult’s hideout and destroy them. I think it’s going to work out after all.

Anyway, that’s enough blogging for now. I’m going to check my email, then get back to writing. Before I know it, Giggle will be learning how to create the titular glass balustrade. 

– Augustus Bland