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Welcome to Facebook. Posted on 22nd June 2011


It’s not like I’d never heard of it.

But until recently, I had totally ignored its existence. I can’t put my finger on what turned me off – maybe the nightmare of being bombarded with banal information, noisy chit-chat or gross photos? Perhaps sharing stuff in the vast virtual world felt too frightening for me.

You see, many people think that because I love Japan I’m really into gadgets and high-tech stuff. Couldn’t be further from the truth; I’m a lo-fi, old-fashioned kind of girl who appreciates the simple but beautiful things in life. I still love to write letters, lick stamps, make cards, put on records, tend to my garden and phone my friends. But what I recently discovered is I can have my cake and eat it too. It’s not like Twitter and Facebook will take away the lovely old bits of life. In fact, the modern world has a lot of good stuff to offer.

So first came Twitter, which I must admit I really enjoy. But Facebook still seemed like a scary place and a far bigger commitment for me. But then, two weeks ago (with much encouragement and handholding) I took the big step and joined! I felt like a tourist in a very well developed country, with its own rules, language, etiquette and customs. In real life, I try to have good manners, but I fear I haven’t got the hang of it Facebook style. Do you have to befriend anyone who asks? Can you unfriend if you’ve accidentally accepted the friendship of a total stranger? Please…I’m all ears to any words of wisdom out there.

But despite feeling lost in a foreign land, I’ve been delighted to find old friends and sneak a peek into their lives. In this bustling world it can be hard to stay in touch, so to be connected with the people you fancy is for me the cherry on top.

So now that I’m getting a bit comfy, I’ve taken the next step and created a page for Genki so it too can join in. It’s going to be a great way to reach more folks out there so please visit and spread the word.

Stay genki, C x

Comments on this post:

Amy — 23 June at 01:39PM

I got into it pretty late too Chanie. I also love the old ways of communication... letters, postcards, parcels and long phone calls you know times when utility bills are not the only thing you expect to see in the mail box... when you put more effort into it somehow makes me think it's more genuine and meaningful... but yes after a while I thought why not have both :)

Leah — 23 June at 09:22PM

Hi Chanie

i just found out about a cool art event u mite like to know about, jacob is a bit young but it looks really fun! and its also free
congratulations on joining facebook


Eva — 27 June at 12:37PM

Hiya Chanie,

I used to be a very big fan of Genki and was very sad when you closed your retail store. I had NO idea that you were now online. Much happier now!

I dont know if you know the Klopper Store @ South Melbourne Market but she does a whole lot of very cute things. Mostly all made in Australia and lots of cute little vintage bibs and bobs. It is one of my faves.

ps welcome to FB :)

Sammy — 19 September at 02:13PM

Great Site and I like your color coded lists but I thought you might want to look at my luayot for the lists and maybe combine the ideas to a make a calendar to see the year at a glance. I would love to send you my file so you can use it.Thor's Gal

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